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Close your eyes, put yourself in the place of an immigrant coming to America in the 1890s from poverty or war. Arriving in America and before you can even smell the air of your new life you are shoved into an island (such as Angel Island) to be vetted and integrated. You spend years trying to convince the government officials that you are who you say you are. When you are finally released, are you are homeless and jobless. The only jobs that the government will help you get are low income labor jobs that you never imagined doing before. Many people believe America is the land of opportunity, however America is not because it does not give economic and political opportunity for all.
First of all, America is not the land of opportunity for all
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Many Nativists came from immigrants who had thrived on the opportunity that America had given them. These nativists are hypocritically restricting immigration with the consequences of new immigrants being incapable of thriving on the economic opportunity America once provided. According to Document 3, from the United States Library of Congress, a political cartoon, showed rich men with the shadows of their ancestors (who were immigrants) holding up their hands and stopping a new immigrant from arriving into the country. The context from Document 3 also said that immigrants faced the, "rejection from Nativist whose families were once immigrants themselves." Since this rich Nativists are stopping the new immigrants from coming into America it shows the lack of economic opportunity because people in America are stopping new people from being able to come and thrive. One of the reasons for immigrants coming to the country was for economic reasons, they wanted jobs or they need a better wages to provide for their family. The Nativists stopping new immigrants coming into the country shows that America is not the land of opportunity for all because the Nativists did not want new immigrants to come and become rich just like them. Furthermore, the Chinese weren't allowed to come to America after the Chinese "stole" the jobs from the hard-working…show more content…
This common misconception can be made easily. Many people believe that because America supplies some people with opportunities such as education or increasing the size of their pay by a little to own a bigger house makes America officially the land opportunity for all. For some people, they could come to America and be provided with an excellent education and larger wage in order to supply their family with the necessities for survival. According to Document 6 “From immigrations, stories of yesterday, today meets young today's young immigrants”, "The education is better… Our house in the barrio was only one room in America our house is huge we can spread out in different rooms." This shows that when immigrating to America this person's life improved by finally receiving decent education and a spacious living environment. Although this person's life did improve those are not the only things that go into America being the land of opportunity for all. Most immigrants don't get a job and if they are paid minor wages and are forced to take jobs that no American wants. There's also no economic opportunity because the government only gave immigrants, low income labor jobs. This is proven by a political cartoon in Document 7, the context states that, "’Big Biz’ represents a larger US corporations and ‘ICE’ represents the immigration
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