Lando's Influence On Han

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Some of the greatest heroes come from the most unexpected places, some with very questionable pasts; take Han Solo and Lando Calrissian from George Lucas’s epic saga, Stars Wars, and to be more specific, Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi. They were once smugglers and gamblers who gallivanted through the galaxy without a care in the universe. But for Han that changed soon after he met a young man named Luke Skywalker. He and Luke embark on a journey to save a princess, and even the galaxy. As for Lando, he changed his ways after losing the Millennium Falcon to Han in a card game. He served in several positions before becoming leader of Cloud City, though he did later betray his friend Han, but for good reason. Lando later redeems himself by…show more content…
In several movies, Han is torn between joining the Rebels and continuing to smuggle and mind his own business. Though he tries to leave more than once, he is always sucked back in one way or another. After helping the Rebels on several occasions and risking his life to help them, he is appointed general, and leads a team on Endor with the mission to destroy the shield generators for the second Death Star. Lando joined the Rebellion to find and to unfreeze Han, but he stayed even after they found Han. He was a general and was the leader of the Gold fleet in the Battle of Endor, which leads us into how they become heroes. During the Battle of Endor, Han leads a team on Endor. He and his team battle many Stormtroopers with the help of some small native creatures, called Ewoks. Han, his team, and the Ewoks ultimately defeat the Empire’s troops and destroy the shield generators protecting the second Death Star. This is where Lando comes in. Lando leads the Gold fleet into the Death Star in an attempt to launch a torpedo into the main reactor. After many failed attempts, Lando fires the shot that destroys the Death Star and leads to the end of the Empire, making both Han and Lando heroes. In conclusion, Han Solo and Lando Calrissian, seem very different but in truth, both have questionable pasts and bad reputations, join the Rebellion, and become heroes. Although both are good people, it seems that Han Solo, though never truly stops smuggling, is a scoundrel with a heart of
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