Langston Hughes : Names As Symbols In Black Poetry

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What is the black experience? How does Langston Hughes utilize allusions for his audience to have a better understanding of the black experience? Hughes use of allusions throughout the poems “The Negro Speaks of Rivers” and “Harlem [Dream Deferred]” helps readers recall different events in history that have taken place. However, John T. Shawcross and James L. de Jongh use examples from Hughes and other black literary works to support black literature and its effect on black history. “Names as Symbols in Black Poetry” is an article journal written by John T. Shawcross that gives an in-depth analysis on many pieces of literary works, in particular, a stance on black literature. “Poetry written by Blacks is not different from poetry written by non- Blacks. An individual author will reflect his individual milieu, and if he is a Black, the poetry may encompass a black experience in black language with black concerns” (Shawcross 2). Similar to this article, “The Image of Black Harlem in Literature”, is written by James L. de Jongh that poses a question about the history of the Harlem Renaissance and its effect on the culture of black lives during this time. This article examines the utilization of parody in the fictional works of the Harlem Renaissance with reference to basic and scholarly leveled discussion about the esteem and capacity of African American workmanship.
One of the interesting aspects of Jongh’s article, “The Image of Black Harlem in Literature”, is how the
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