Language And Communication Into Everyday Life

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Introduction & Background Homo sapiens have distinguished themselves from the rest of the animal kingdom by incorporating complex language and communication into everyday life. Language is designed to share ideas and experiences with others in a given community. As described in the textbook, an ecological niche is the role a species holds within its environment. Human kind has managed to defend against harsh environmental conditions, predators and cross-cultural differences using language as a means of survival. The development of language has allowed for us to develop resources needed to stay on top of the animal food chain. Accessing unexplored resources and allowing humans to communicate, even when language barriers occur, has set …show more content…

Beginning with our early ancestors, the Neanderthals, it was determined that hominids used verbal and gestural cues to communicate thoughts and ideas between communities. Understanding when danger was approaching, where the best locations were to attain abundant food sources and the desire to maintain close family ties pushed the advancement of language towards a quickly increasing future. Abstract thought, reflecting on actions and idea development kept civilization far ahead of all species on this planet.
Pre-Niche Description (5) Anthropologists across the world believe language and communication developed before Homo sapiens made their evolutionary appearance on this planet, approximately 200,000 years ago. Before the development of human language and communication, hominids and similar primates lacked the ability to grow and evolve. The development of tools, shelters and fire were non-existent and human ancestors remained near the bottom of the food change. Many anatomical modifications were lacking in the human genes to allow for sound production and diversification of gestural cues. Unable to warn others if predators were approaching left the Neanderthals weak and defenseless. Fossil records show distinct cultural ties, the advancement of tools and ancient technologies that could only be associated with the development of language, improving our ecological niche

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