Language And Human Communication

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Language is the way of human communication. It is how thoughts, feelings, knowledge, opinions, beliefs, mannerisms and intentions are communicated and shared. Language is typically thought to just be spoken or written, however it has many depths. Language can be communicated through gestures, glances, changes in tone of voice and other supplementary communication devices to emphasize what we say and do (O'Neil, 1998-2009). Humans are the only species to have a known language communication. Most non-human species can link information between each other however no other species is known to have such a complex communication structure such as language (Gee, 2011).
Language can be observed and deconstructed in many ways. It can be viewed as both an object and a social process. It can be thought of as a set of rules or something physically presented to the world in way of speech, audio or writings. The denotation of language differs depending on the demographic, more specially, culture. It is important to understand and accept all differing varieties of language. Although language is used everyday, it is a very complex tool with many levels.
Language can be both an object to be analysed and a social process
To view language as only an object, it must first be separated from human communication in which the full meaning of language originates (Grugeon and Gardner, 2000). The National Literacy Strategy suggests the study of an analogy such as the study of a fish in its

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