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Influence and Impact of English Language on the Indigenous People in Louise Erdrich’s novels
1Ph.D Research Scholar (P/T), PG & Research Department of English,
Government Arts College (Autonomous), Salem-7
2Assistant Professor, Department of English,
Jairam Arts and Science College, Salem-8

Abstract Colonialism brings drastic changes in the Political, Economical and Social conditions of the colonized countries. It also sows the seed of English education among the colonies which attempts to transform the indigenous people into ‘human’. The emergence of English language education and colonial rule dominates the native tongue in various spheres and in due course surpasses it. Initially, the purpose of English education is to assimilate indigenous people into the dominant mainstream English speaking society and its culture. Indirectly, the aim is to lose their Native culture and language. Besides, those attempts, later in the twentieth century English language revitalizes the strength of Native people to voice out their experiences, to register their oral tradition, folklore and history which are accessible globally now. Moreover new strategies have been evolved to improve the foreign tongue (English) as a second language like TPR-S. Such techniques not only help them to master over the language English and …show more content…

Majority of Native Americans live outside of the reservations and experience educational, economic, social, and political difficulties due to discrimination and racism in the United States. In spite of the difficulties they encounter today, historically Native Americans have contributed to all facets of life, including the field of education, in the United States and throughout the world. In the arena of Literature, Native American Literature is labeled as Fourth World

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