Language Persuasive Essay

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Mother always said, “Sharing is caring.” The best way to care for every race, creed, and color is to share our native languages. In America, the shortage of native-born bilingual people is a concern. The goal is to target American high school students wanting to learn foreign language and immigrants from the community, who speak their native language, wanting to learn English. An advisor then pairs students and immigrants together to learn in an immersion-like atmosphere. The United Language Initiative promotes utilizing immigrants to learn multiple languages: benefiting both Americans and immigrants by increasing mental health, making us a well-rounded community, and boosting American employability. Firstly, mental health improves dramatically for bilingual people. Studies show people with knowledge of two or more languages are smarter. Students who completed at least four years of foreign language study scored more than 100 points higher on each section of the SAT than students who took a half year or less (College Board 2004). Multitasking is another mental benefit gained from knowing a second language. According to a study from Penn State, the act of fluently alternating between languages is instrumental in increased multitasking abilities (“Juggling Languages”). Many people love to

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