Bilingual Education - Persuasive Speech Essay

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My first day of school felt so strange as if I was banished to Mars. Or at least to some very far away place full of strangers where nobody speaks my language. Because indeed, nobody spoke my language on my first day of school. I was 6 years old and lost among people whom I couldn’t even talk to. How could this happen? I spent all of my childhood in Hungary, but it still felt like we just moved to another country right before me starting school. Although no such thing happened, I still blame everything on my parents.
Now you might think that they did something awful to me. On the contrary. My parents wisely made a life-changing decision when they sent me to the British International School of Budapest. Why do I say …show more content…

No matter how many examples I bring about the subject, the key word will always be open-mindedness. This is what languages give you: you learn to be open-minded. Open-minded to the world, to other cultures and people. Your horizon will not remain within your own country but extend to the globe. This is such a broad variety of opportunities and views. You will be able to cooperate, negogiate and compromise. You will be able to bridge the gap among cultures! Moreover, you will be able to appreciate international literature and music in their original and most expressive form.

All in all, languages open up a whole new world to us. But learning to speak a foreign language fluently takes either years or you must be in a native speaking environment. As a person who has only studied at bilingual schools, I would like to tell you about certain changes that you can make.

All schools and universities in America offer language courses. The problem with them is that they are not thorough enough. Most of the times only 1 or 2 years of taking these classes are mandatory, a period of time which is not enough to learn a language so that it becomes enjoyable. After 4 years of going to the British school in Budapest, my parents thought I should switch to a traditional Hungarian school. When I experienced the method of language teaching there, I was devastated. We only had 3 hours of

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