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Computers are ubiquitously in the world today, used by practically everyone; it is a device that a majority of people cannot live without. Used by all, the young, the elderly, for work or just for entertainment. In today’s world they are two different types of computers that are really popular, they are: laptop and tablet computers. While both shares exceptionally close similarities like portability and both are capable of doing about the same task with inadequate limitations. In a day to day operation they are fairly different. The major difference lies within their uses, laptops are mainly used as a compact portable desktop, while tablets are used mainly for entertainment or amusement purposes. No one really knows what the future holds, but at the pace that technology is growing, that line is now becoming blurred and I 'm guessing that in the future there is not going to be a comparison between the two. One of the most important distinctions between the two is that of suitability, laptops are used for more of the serious work, and while tablets are also capable of doing the same; they are not generally used for the same purposes. Laptops are predominantly used when writing a paper or article doing a presentation, writing programs, or browsing the internet. A laptop is capable, in the sense of power, speed and convenience. Whereas tablets on the other hand is predominantly used at home for browsing the internet, app gaming, listening to music or reading a book. Electing

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