Battle of the Tablets: Apple iPad vs. Amazon Kindle Fire

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Tablets are effective tools used to improve users productivity and online experience whether it’s used for business, or life in general. Tablets are smaller than a laptop and bigger than a Smartphone, so it is perfect to take on the go. Users can browse the internet, create presentations, stay connected with their boss, download books, games and videos, watch movies, share photos and much more with their tablet. Just recently tablets have become the “new thing.” There is over 47.5 Million tablets sold to users in the United States today. Two of the most popular tablets on the market are the Apple iPad and the Amazon Kindle Fire. I evaluated them on battery life and capacity, screen size, and price. Though each of them had good qualities, I preferred the iPad more than the Kindle. Users love their tablets and wants to be able to use them as long as they can. Having the battery run out right when trying to finish a project, email a boss, or even finishing a game is a big disappointment when trying to decide which tablet is best. Though each tablet has a significant amount of battery life, the iPad beats the Kindle with a difference of 4 to 5 hours. The iPad’s battery life is 10 hours with Wi-Fi or 9 hours with 4G, while the Kindle’s battery life is only 4 hours and 55 minutes. Having those extra hours could save a person from getting a F on a project or losing a client. Another big quality that goes with the battery is the capacity that the tablets will hold. There
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