How Technology Has Impacted Our Lives

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Over the last 20 years, Information Technology has invaded our lives in so many ways that we never predicted or even imagined. We have watched in awe as we have gained the ability to stand in the store and pay our bill using our smartphone, or sit in our homes in our pajamas as we order on-line using our computers. Our cars operate with computers that can manage our fuel and performance, it alerts us when our tire pressure is low or we need gas. Our children go to school and work at their own pace with computer tools creating amazing educational projects. We are entertained with games on smartphone, tablets, computers - we hear about a new book or movie and, within moments, are reading or watching it. Medical testing results are …show more content…

We will be looking at four general areas of security that all businesses must consider and manage in order to be successful in this day. Please note that there are many, many areas to consider when developing your cybersecurity plans, entire books are written about single components of IT security. Due to space considerations, we will take a general look at only four areas: Physical and Environmental Security, Network/Computer Security, Access Controls and End-User Training and documentation.
While cybercrime has boomed, cybersecurity took longer to get off the ground. Information Security has now become a business-wide concern. Due to the way information technology has spread in all aspects of our lives, it is imperative that organizations implement information assurance policies and procedures in all approaches. Support and authority must start at the upper levels of the organization and move down to the actual level where the work occurs. The decisions must consider what the risks are, the best way to implement the policies and procedures, where the organization is heading, and the people impacted – to include employees, partners, and customers. Upper management must support the activity and give those who will be developing the program and procedures, the authority to investigate and implement to reduce risk.
The core goals of security are the triad

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