How Technology Has Impacted Our Lives

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Over the last 20 years, Information Technology has invaded our lives in so many ways that we never predicted or even imagined. We have watched in awe as we have gained the ability to stand in the store and pay our bill using our smartphone, or sit in our homes in our pajamas as we order on-line using our computers. Our cars operate with computers that can manage our fuel and performance, it alerts us when our tire pressure is low or we need gas. Our children go to school and work at their own pace with computer tools creating amazing educational projects. We are entertained with games on smartphone, tablets, computers - we hear about a new book or movie and, within moments, are reading or watching it. Medical testing results are computerized and almost immediately available to our nurses and physicians. You can be in Seattle, Washington, yet see and talk to your doctor in New York City. These technology advances have raised the standards of living for many millions of people throughout the world.
Unfortunately, the same advances have opened new areas for those without ethics or morals to increase their personal or organization’s financial and political standing, by exploiting vulnerabilities within these technologies. According to a report from the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) that was released in 2014, it is estimated that each year, cybercrime results in more than 445 billion dollar loss to the global economy. According to the same report,…
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