Larping Ethnographic Essay

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Project 3: Short Composition In The rise of live action role-playing, the author provided many interesting information about LARPing to the audience. Some questions one might ask about live-action role-playing were answered. The article provides its readers with valuable detail about the LARP community, making it a well-developed research paper. However, it is missing one of the three key points that make a good ethnographic essay. According to the article, LARP is an activity performed by a diverse group of individuals. It varies from people of different backgrounds and occupations. In LARPing, the members consider themselves as a community that comes together to act out a fantasy. It is mentioned that the people involved in LARPing see what they are doing as interactive storytelling, but society think differently; they see it as a way for geeks to dress up and play-fight with each other. "Outsiders" are most likely uninterested and, as a result, associate a negative misconception with LARPing. They also view LARPers as people who are anti-social and are not out-going. The ritual of LARPing consists of…show more content…
It brought up the LARP group's ritual, which is a festival where many people with the same hobby come together. The common artifacts that they use, such as latex weapons and armory, were also mentioned. The author also distinguished between others' perception of LARP and LARP members' perception of themselves. These information were gathered by interviews and research, for the author used quotes that came directly from the people in the LARP community and gave background information about the group. However, the author did not go in-depth with how they communicate with each other. Given these points, although the article consists of good details about LARP, it missed out on some information, making it an incomplete ethnographic
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