Last Night I Was A No Borders And Wars

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Last night I was thinking about what if everyone was the same if there was no borders and wars. How would our lives be and how the world would be different. I bet Donald Trump would have nothing to say for sure. There would not be the topic about how people are coming to a country to have babies and get their citizenship, how their would not be a necessity of applying to be able to work, go to school and have privileges other have just because they have a paper that says they were born in the country and you will not be so discriminated or manipulated now. Any women could have children and people would not be able to say is because of the race or religion. People would not have to fight for their futures and their families by saying …show more content…

He presented his audience with graphs and charts about the different generations of immigrants and how the second generation might not be able to have a very stable job because they are discriminated against and speak more spanish in their jobs meaning they are paid less and also there is a small percentage that go to college because of the lack of opportunities given to them. The children from immigrants are publicly critiqued and questioned their citizenship. Society has created many names for the children of immigrants the most knowed and mention in the media right now is anchor babies because the media is using topic to manipulate the children and their parents. Chavez mention in his book that years before anchor baby was used in a positive way but now is negative. The 14 amendment protects all the laws that want to be made so children from immigrants can’t be citizens. The media is giving a false perspective of how they can change the laws so many citizens can be undocumented like the parents because the government thinks the Mexican want to conquer their old land back. The word nation is derived from the latin word nacere ”to be born” and that allows anyone to become part of the community by birth. Society has the wrong idea of why the Mexican and all immigrants come to this country. In 2008 according to the Pew Hispanic Center’s research there was 1.5 million

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