Last Night I Was A No Borders And Wars

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Last night I was thinking about what if everyone was the same if there was no borders and wars. How would our lives be and how the world would be different. I bet Donald Trump would have nothing to say for sure. There would not be the topic about how people are coming to a country to have babies and get their citizenship, how their would not be a necessity of applying to be able to work, go to school and have privileges other have just because they have a paper that says they were born in the country and you will not be so discriminated or manipulated now. Any women could have children and people would not be able to say is because of the race or religion. People would not have to fight for their futures and their families by saying discriminatory things to other people because they would not be able to blame a certain group of people because everyone would be the same. People would not have the mentality of who was where first and who is the actual invader. Women would have equal right and won’t be able to dress inappropriately to be able to get a job. But the world will never be perfect and there will be people that think differently.
Around the world many people think that having a child in the United States will immediately give the parents papers and right to be living in the United States. That is not true because the child has to be 21 years old and be financially stable to be able to petition their family member. Is a long process that takes time and money and in the…

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