Late Adulthood

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Table of Contents Introduction Personal Factors • • • Personality Personal Control Age Environmental Factors • • • Physical health Living Arrangements Social Support and Social Networks Conclusion References Introduction The satisfaction or happiness of the human race has always been a central theme in the humanities. Life satisfaction is conceptualized as one of the cognitive components of subjective well being, and refers to the global judgments people make about the quality of their lives (Diener et al., 2003). This means that people can examine the condition in their lives, weigh the importance of these conditions and evaluate their lives on a scale ranging from satisfied to dissatisfied. The concept of life…show more content…
304). The feeling of being in control of one’s life is important to psychological well-being in a period of life when primary control has been found to decrease (Heckhausen& Schultz, 1995). In their experimental study, Langer and Rodin (1976) stated that by enhancing personal responsibility and choice in a group of nursing home residents, well-being was improved. The finding illustrates the importance of one’s own influence in a typical dependency situation. Locus of control not only influences well-being, but also health, functional capacity as well as the ability to use social support in both old and oldest-old people (Bisconti&Bergeman, 1999). In fact, in a study including individuals aged 80 and older, locus of control was more important to well-being than social resources (Landau &Litwin, 2001). Taken together, there is strong empirical evidence of a relationship between the experience of high influence over one’s life and the perception of life circumstances. Age Life satisfaction is generally assumed and expected to decline in older age, most notably as health conditions deteriorate. In reality, the general finding of the large body of gerontological literature on the relationship between age and life satisfaction, is that there is no age-related decline in life satisfaction. However, contemporary society still has the expectation that the life satisfaction of older adults is negatively affected by age related
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