Latin American Destination Project Essay

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Latin America Project

Introduction/Primary Questions (Research Document):

1. Where do you want to travel to in Latin America? Choose between 1 and 3 places to visit.
My three destinations are Mexico City, Mexico; San Jose , Costa Rica; and Guatemala City, Guatemala.
(This destination choice is the most important choice you will make so choose carefully - see Mr. White if you want help for this.)
2. What are your destinations absolute locations?
The absolute location of Mexico City, Mexico is 20.7 degree north and 88.6 degrees west. The absolute location of San Jose is 10.4 degrees north and 84.7 degrees west. The absolute location of Guatemala City is 14.5 degrees north and 90.7 degrees west.
3. What are your destinations relative …show more content…

The average rainfall is 0.5 inches. Therefore this time of year is the perfect time of year to go. The average temperature in Mexico City in April is 84 degrees Fahrenheit. Th average rainfall in Mexico City in April is 1 inch. Therefore, April is the ideal time to go to Mexico City. The average temperature in San Jose in March is 79 degrees Fahrenheit. The average rainfall in San Jose is 1 inch in March, making the time Petfrct for visiting.
6. What type of clothes would you want to wear during this average weather?
I would wear shorts and a t-shirt in this weather in Guatemala City. I would wear sneakers or flip flops if I were at the beach. I would bring a sweatshirt in case the nights are colder. I would wear shorts and a t-shirt to Mexico City in April. I would wear flip flops or walking shoes, depending on what I am doing. I would wear capris and a tshirt and a sweatshirt in San Jose in March. I would wear sneakers.
7. What will your transportation be to your destination? In other words, how are you going to get to your destination? (Plane? Train? Automobile?)
I will go by plane to all places. It will cost $983 to go to and from Mexico City. I will travel on flight UA359 with united.It will cost $718 to go to and from San Jose. I will fly with United airlines. I will fly on flight UA1500, UA1096, UA1554,UA1030. It will cost $759 to go to and from Guatemala City. I will travel with united airlines. I will travel on flights UA1502, UA1504.

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