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I have grown up listening to Hip-Hop just as I did listening to my mother’s blaring Bachata and Merengue every Sunday morning and from what I can recall, the artists I primarily listened to were black, or Eminem. The only Spanish rappers I did listen to were Reggaeton artists, meaning I did not listen to many predominately English speaking Latino rappers. This revelation of my early musical tastes begs the question as to why I was not exposed to more Latino rappers during the late nineties and early millennium. In learning about how Latino’s have participated within the realm of Hip-Hop, one learns that allow Latino’s have played a major role in its foundations, the call for a strong identity has emerged due to various group’s …show more content…
African-American acceptance of Latino culture stems largely from similar experiences of prejudice and shared African roots. In addition, black hip-hop has included various Latino elements, illustrating growing acceptance and integrations between both parties. Various elements present in black hip-hop include Spanglish lyrics, rumba rhythms (Morales 300-301), and the celebration and desire for a Latina woman, who shares similar physique to African-American women (Rivera 131-132). In examining Latino Hip-Hop history, an overall theme of inclusion and exclusion emerges, where Latinos are included if they provide something desirable and marketable and excluded due to their ethnicity. Because of this, the need to affirm Latin identity becomes a necessity in order to solidify the Latino presence within the genre. Latino rap takes on the Latin American experience and builds upon to tell poetic stories of pride, unity, and discrimination throughout Latino history. This theme of being proud of one’s roots plays a central role in how Spanish speaking rappers may or may not conduct themselves. For many, the following lyrics illustrate pride in the face of discrimination: Now what you call me? (-- Spic) Yeah, that’s it/‘cause you can say whatever ‘cause I don’t

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