Latino Stereotypes in 'Babygirl'

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Latino Stereotypes in Babygirl Babygirl (2012) that examines the complex relationship between mother and daughter, Lucy and Lena and the men that pursue them romantically, Victor and Xavier. In the film, Lena is forced to watch her mother engage in relationship after relationship with unsuitable men, the last of which is Victor, who not only has a thing for Lucy, but also pursues a relationship with Lena. Additionally, Lena is shown to be pursued by Xavier, a younger boy that is around her age. The film depicts Latinos both stereotypically and realistically. In the film, the prominent Latino group that is being represented is Puerto Ricans; because it is not shown that Lena and Lucy date outside of their Puerto Rican background, it can be assumed that both Victor and Xavier are Puerto Rican. In the film, Victor is a trigueno, with longer, hair, and light colored eyes. He does not appear to be employed anywhere and dresses casually, either wearing a tank top or a button down shirt. Despite the fact that where he works or how he makes his money is unknown, it is evident that he makes a good amount of money because he states that he frequently goes to eat at a steakhouse, which based on the people that are eating there and the restaurant's décor, is not an inexpensive restaurant. Additionally, based on his conversation with Lena at the restaurant, it is established that he is only ten years older than the young girl. Additionally, through his behavior, it can be

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