Latting Tower History

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Karolina’s cousin’s little boy excited to be able to see the sights in New York City and had convinced his parents to stay for a few days before they returned to Ohio. Karolina and her family exhausted and famished from their long ocean voyage were only too happy to indulge the boy while they gained their strength resting in the hotel.
Karolina, her family, and her cousin’s family toured the city in a carriage rented by their cousin after several days of rest. They traveled to the grounds of the “Exposition of the Industry of all Nations”, scheduled to open in New York City later that summer of 1853. Her cousin pointed out to them the Latting tower under construction next to the magnificent glass and iron building named the New York Crystal Palace, modeled after the Crystal Palace built in London two years before.
The New York Crystal Palace included a dome and three entrance halls projecting outwards to the streets surrounding the building. The exterior of the building constructed of cast iron and glass windows. The different wings of the new building held several exhibits, including classic pieces of sculpture, and portraits of historical figures from such notable artists as Van Dyck and Peale. The Latting Tower, when finished, would be the tallest structure in New York City and seen for miles in the city. Visitors to the observation decks
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The wealthy citizens of New York living at that time pointed with pride at their commercial buildings that rivaled those of the European capitals. The Russians and British recognized Louis-Napoleon as the Emperor Napoleon III of France just as the Grand Duke of Baden and the Duke of Hamilton feared ten years ago. Franklin Pierce was inaugurated as the new President of the United States and the new Vice President, known for his moderate views on slavery, had died not soon after and the United States government was being tested by the forces pro and against
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