Laura Vs Amanda

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Imagine a girl who’s determined to accomplish anything she sets her mind to. Step in her shoes, her mother always setting expectations too high, society looking at her because she’s a little different. This girl is Laura Wingfield, she is an extremely strong and self-disciplined character. In ‘The Glass Menagerie’ Laura was considered a very strong, independent and unique character. During this play Laura overcame mental, emotional and physical obstacles, these proved just how strong and independent she really is. Laura was a stronger character than her mother, Amanda. Laura is a stronger character than Amanda because she is more independent. One way Laura is more independent than Amanda is because she acts like she doesn’t need a man while Amanda acts as if Laura needs to get married as soon as possible. Amanda says “of course some girls do marry. Haven’t you ever liked some boy?” then Laura says “yes I liked one once”…show more content…
Laura overcomes physical obstacles by walking around town despite her disability. Laura says in a cheerful manner “I went to the art museum and the bird houses at the zoo. I visited the penguins every day!” (Williams 33). Laura gets out and walks around even though she has a disfigured leg. It makes her feel happy and independent when Laura does this. This is important because it shows that Laura is strong, independent and overcame what made her different or what some would call a “freak”. Laura is the strongest character in ‘The Glass Menagerie’ because she’s strong and doesn’t let anything get in her way, including her mother. Ways Laura is strong and independent is when she acts like she doesn’t need to be married to be happy because she can make herself happy, she doesn’t let her mother stand in her way and she conquers the fact that she has a disability. Laura proved that anyone can conquer anything as long as they put their mind to
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