Law Enforcement Should Be Legal

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I would make the argument among their groups that have been discussed that women would receive the most and least unequal treatment by law enforcement. In the earlier years of law enforcement sex crimes failed to get the attention they garnered, the investigations many time were shabby and many times officers felt like the victim got what they deserved by dress, action or history. It is now know that each victim is different and everyone will have a different way that they will deal or respond to this type of crime. This is why most departments have specialized sex crime units that deal specifically with this type of crime. They are specifically trained to deal not only with the crime scene portion, the victim’s body as a crime scene but the victim themselves and the emotional side. As a chief and or lead detective I would more than likely have this type training or know who to call that has had it to respond to the scene. The victim will go through many stages during a rape, which could last days to several weeks. Rape shield laws were passed in the state to protect the victims of rape from the emotional distress that can occur when being questioned about their prior sexual history on the witness stand. It is this type of legal maneuvering by defense council that creates fear among victims. The fear is being humiliated in front of their peers and sometimes these cases can take a very high profile turn and be broadcast live on TV. We have to look no further than
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