Crj7015/Unit 4 Db 1. Hiring Practices And Their Evolution

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CRJ7015/Unit 4 DB 1 Hiring practices and their evolution over the last 100 years the issue of established prohibitions in hiring practices related to women in policing Introduction One would think that in today’s day time that women should be treated the say way as her male counterpart when it comes to applying for a position as an officer or any other position within law enforcement organization, but they are not. Even though it has been over 100 years, women in the work place and equality can be a very long battle and can be depressing or degrading when a woman is doing the same job but is being paid and respected a lot less. Thereby, we will examine the hiring practices and their evolution over the last 100 years, and the issue of…show more content…
2). Within the past three decades, there has some “discussion about the pros and cons of adding women in large numbers to the rank and file of to the USA police system” (Mastrofski, 2007, p. 4). According to Zhao (et al, 2006), we have a rising number of female officers on the force compared to past decades, which suggest a growing consensus that adding women to law enforcement is a good idea. Hiring practices of female officers for law enforcement organizations, and legal issues As if situations were not bad enough, most law enforcement agencies place additional pressures on female who want to become police officers. Some of the pressures are: physical criteria that are based on masculine ability (this practice has seen some small changes); Job Bias (e.g., facing extra challenges that male officers do not have to deal with); “learn "the tough way" not to take biased and off-color comments personally” (“Women in Law”, 2008, para. 8); do not allow male officers to make patronizing remarks and not reporting it for fear of retaliation from male counterparts. Recruiting & Retaining Women: A Self-Assessment Guide for Law Enforcement (n.d., p. 45) thinks that along with everything else recruiting women can be just as hard, because women tend to be very unwilling to apply for jobs as officers with

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