Law Fact Pattern Essay

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Term Writing Assignment Owning a business is very rewarding, however, it comes with many challenges as well. There are many torts and laws a business owner should be aware of in order to make sure they are abiding by the laws set forth before them. The characters have found themselves in a wide variety of situations that must be dealt with and handled accordingly. Emma and Will have been thinking about incorporating their business in a state other than where they are located. They could do this and it may save them money, especially if they incorporate into a state that is business-friendly. Emma and Will may be able to receive tax credits in certain states just for being located in. However, they must be aware of where their…show more content…
The mediator would carefully listen to each side, and suggest ways on how to handle this dispute. This dispute should be able to be solved through mediation. The fact that Will and Emma both wanted to hire her again to teach the class when she was able, is a good thing. They made a mistake by firing her, when they should have placed her on maternity leave or something of the sorts. If they explain this to Quinn during mediation and offer some type of compensation, Quinn may be more understanding and want to come to a resolution. Maintaining relationships is one of the major advantages to this method, as well as create creative solutions that are relative to their problem, together. A solution is not impossible, and is actually more likely than not having one at all in this situation. Emma and Will have another situation on their hands they must deal with as well, however, I do not think that this should be too hard to find a solution either. The NYS Board of Education has pulled all of their flyers from local schools and colleges because of what they call, offensive imagery because of the same-sex couples embracing in the photo and language explaining that the theme would be centered around marriage equality. This falls under the first amendment, and what must be figured out is if that flyer is protected, or if it is not. The flyer is commercial speech, so we could apply the Central Hudson Test in order to see if this flyer is protected or not. The first question
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