Unit 301-2.5-Explain How to Manage Disagreements with Children, Young People and Adults

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Supporting Teaching and Learning in schools level 3 Unit 301-2.5
Reflective account -Explain how to manage disagreements with children, young people and adults

Whilst working as a volunteer at my local Primary School I have only had one minor issue regarding relationships, which was at the very start of the educational year. The situation arose I believe due to the member of staff (who had recently qualified herself as a teaching assistant) feeling slightly threatened by my presence in the classroom. It initially made my feel uncomfortable in her presence but decided a good way to resolve the situation would be to regularly ask for her help and advice, which worked. I understand that everyone has their own personality children and
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Prejudicial behaviour or behaviour that can be seen as aggressive, hostile, antagonistic, sarcastic, belittling or discriminative should never be shown to colleagues, parents, staff or children. If there is a disagreement, don't make assumptions or make personal comments regarding the person’s character or personality, the content should be kept professional. Any negative issues previously dealt with should not be brought up again. You should make a conscious effort not to react too quickly to what might be an unintentional comment to which an apology may follow, given time.
Some people cope with disagreements by avoiding the issue/issues, which with time some things will be forgotten, however, some won’t. Sometimes adults have to agree to disagree but emphasis should be put on the things you do agree about rather than the things you don’t. In order for this to work though both adults have to be willing to resolve the situation in this way. A lot of disagreements or conflicts start from concerns over roles, responsibilities, duties or management issues. Had the issue with the teaching assistant and myself not have been resolved through positive action or discussion with either the head teacher or teacher being present as a mediator, then I would have had to address the concern in writing and have it dealt with through the school grievance policy. If the matter had of been serious enough to remain
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