Law Reform

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Part A. 1. Conditions that give rise to law reform Changing social values: The values of societies change over time. Society is forever changing values which then place’s pressure onto the law to change and adapt over time. What is seen as as acceptable may not be considered acceptable at another time. The urge for tougher sentencing in law reform may satisfy the deserved aspects of punishment, but harsher penalties are not statistically shown to reduce crime rates. Thus in seeking to promote social values for tougher penalties it undermines our social value for fairness and the concept of justice for the individual. New concepts of justice: As the social values change, so does our views of the concept of justice. Sentencing laws are…show more content…
They tend to concentrate on areas considered to have immediate political importance. Many reforms are complex and specialised, requiring long deliberation. Government looks for consultation with interested individuals, although their mode of operation is kept confidential. The particular units of government departments mostly concerned with law reform do not have a high public profile. The Law Society and Bar Association have a long tradition of involvement in attempts to improve the legal system. The NSW Law Reform Commission was established, by the administrative act in 1966, and then by statute in 1967, as the first permanent body in Australia with the task to reform law. The commission is required to consider the laws of NSW with a view to: eliminating defects and anachronisms, repealing obsolete or unnecessary enactments, consolidating, codifying or revising the law, simplifying or modernising the law, adopting new or more effective methods for the administration of the law, and Systematically developing and reforming the law. The NSW law reform commission are currently working on projects. These include; The review of compensation to relatives; this is to consider the merits of amending the legislation to overrule the principle that compensation to a relative for pecuniary loss is reduced to the extent that general damages to the legal personal representative of the deceased have already increased the amount to be distributed to
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