The Moral Ambivalence Of Crime And Criminology

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Crime and Criminology Essay

It is common knowledge that crime exists all over the world and that justice and punishment may vary in different countries and societies. However, how justice and punishment is enforced in a society and globally is not common knowledge. Global justice refers to the belief that the world is unjust; while social justice, in a manner of speaking, refers to the fair treatment of everyone in a society.(“Social Justice”). Both social and global justice value human rights, remove inequality, and holds people accountable for fair practices.(“Social Justice”). If someone commits the same crime as another person, for example, they should receive the same punishment. That is what most people would be inclined to believe, but in the reading “The Moral Ambivalence of Crime in an Unjust Society” by Jeffrey Reiman, crime and justice is reviewed and defined in an uncommon way. Reiman discusses justice in a society where a crime was committed against him and his wife. A visit to France should be like a dream come true, an experience of a lifetime, but for Jeffrey Reiman and his wife it was not. In the summer of 2005, they visited a town called Nice. After traveling all night, the couple picked up a car that they were leasing for the summer. Before they could lock the doors to the car or even enjoy any of the accommodations, they were victimized. There, in the city of Nice, they have a crime called vol a la portiere, “theft through the door.” This

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