Laws Of Motion And Automobiles

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Laws of Motion and Automobiles Felicia Huerta Pre-AP Physics Sir Isaac Newton once stated, “I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people,” referring to the ability to prevent accidents from occurring. Throughout my research paper, I will be discussing how the Newton’s Laws of Motion apply to automobiles. I believe this is an extremely interesting and relatable topic because we are at the age where we are beginning to drive without relying on our parents. Although some people may not currently be driving, we have friends or acquaintances who are able to do so and should be informed on how a collision happens and how it affects the vehicle. Additionally, adults nowadays are not serious about driving even though it’s a dangerous process, thus encouraging me to inform people on the subject. We should all be well aware on the issues concerning driving because we all have some sort of interaction with vehicles in our everyday lives. This interaction refers to being the driver of the automobile, the passenger, or the people walking around the vehicle. In fact, in the sixth grade, we learned about Newton’s Laws of Motion and how they apply to vehicles. When learning about these laws, we usually used examples of cars impacting a brick wall or another car. Because we have been learning about these laws since we were little, I strongly believe everyone should be aware of them and how they relate to automobiles. I also want to inform my peers on how
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