Laws Of Voting And Its Effect On The Voting System

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Measures To Establish Trust in Internet Voting ABSTRACT The short history of E-voting is that it is a term used to define the act of voting by means of electronic systems to cast and count votes. This article discusses about the transparency and other measures to establish the trust in E-voting. E-voting can lead to success if the voters trust in it and have full confidence on it. It also point out the voting systems how the system is designed technically and functionally and by which the voters can makes choices between the options and enforces rules to ensure valid voting. It also address challenges of project which try to reach a high level of transparency for others. Keywords Trust, Justified trust, E-voting, transparency, evaluation, verifiability, implementing, profound, test election, standards, elections INTRODUCTION In past decade, the government has starts to discuss the system of E-voting and this modern technology. E-voting is spread in our communication platform as well as in media and many countries. In United states different types of electronic systems has been establish to cast their votes and experience it into two parliamentary elections. Germany, Russia and other countries also used internet voting at organizations, companies, homes and universities. Over the last 10 years this technology proved that it is most reliable and trustable technology. Some peoples see that this technology is flexible and can save our precious time and money.
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