Ldq Skills Inventory Results

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Recently, our doctoral cohort was given two surveys that prompted reflection upon our leadership skills. One survey, the Skills Inventory (SK), yielded some very confirming as well as surprising results while another, Leadership Traits Questionnaire (LDQ) produced results that were not as telling due to the requirements of participation. According to Northouse (2016), “the skills inventory is designed to measure three broad types of leadership skills: technical, human, and conceptual” (p. 67). This measurement was the most effective of the two tools because it produced specific data that aided in insightful reflection. The LDQ’s results were not as reliable because it was intended to be administered to five others including the leader. The Skills Inventory; however, consists of eighteen statements that describe an individual to some degree. Once complete, the surveyed is to add up the scores to specified numbers indicating the skills that one possesses.
As stated above, I was not surprised that I scored the highest in human skills because prior to taking the survey, I considered myself to be high in emotional intelligence. I have always been told that I get along well with people and I enjoy …show more content…

It was higher than my score on the conceptual skills. This was interesting because I have always considered myself to be more of a visionary than a “technician.” Though it was only one point different, I would have assumed that my score in conceptual skills would have far outweighed my score in technical skills seeing as I tend to think and speak with the big picture in mind. As I perused the items on the survey, I noticed that the items designated for technical skill were very ambiguous. For example, one stated, “I understand how to do the basic things required of me.” This is very vague, so I how the ambiguity could have skewed my

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