Le Leo's Story Essay: When The Voice Revealed

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It had been a cold day in the city. The last straggling workers hurried home buried beneath their coats. The winter darkness had come on quickly and suddenly, yet the city was enveloped in its own light. The pavements were almost empty, unheard of in the bustling metropolis, yet the streets were still overflowing with Life. Vans and taxis overtook each other, and swerved out of the way as an ambulance trundled past.

From the bridge where he stood, Leo heard the faint siren. He heard the roar of the cars on the highway above the walkway on which he stood. He heard the wind, whistling past his ear and chilling him right to bone. He heard the constant patter of the rain, hitting of the bridge and splashing into the dark waters 300 feet below. But he could hear other things, things that no one else can hear. Voices that belong to him, and him alone.

“I’m glad we could finally come to some arrangement”, A soothing voice whispered in Leo’s ear. “You certainly have been stubborn”.
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He remembered a time without voices and a time with voices, but they seemed to him like different lives, two stories completely disconnected. He didn't remember much from back there, all thoughts lost in a mist of smoke and syringes. It wasn’t so bad it first, in fact he almost welcomed it, finally someone to talk to in the long hours he spent alone in his flat. They got worse though, in the years since it started. They argued all night long, sleep became impossible. They had urged him, pleading, begging to him to go out to the bridge. To go to a maintenance walkway no one ever used, on a night so dark and wet that no one would be able to see him. They were whispering to him now, dozens of different voices, all telling him to jump. To take a single step forward, leap over the railing and to plummet downwards, disappearing into the deep black of the
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