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From the time that we are children we see leadership in action. A gutsy young child decides that she will be the captain of the kickball game; she stands up proudly and takes control. There is a raw quality to her leading, alliances are made and alliances are broken. If her team wins, the cheers abound. If her team loses it may be the last time she picks the players. Though this is anecdotal and elementary it is perhaps one of the earliest examples that I saw of leadership. Some of those so-called leaders became bullies and some become the popular kids. One thing is certain, based on our experiences over time we begin to see ourselves in each of these 2 extremes. We learn traits of leadership that we carry with us into our careers. …show more content…
9). Don Clark states, “A boss tells others what to do, a leader shows that it can be done” (pg. 9). Throughout the article there is an underlying theme about the differences between managers and leaders, nothing drives that theme home louder than getting in there and showing the team that not only can it be done, but that you can get it done with them. The final element that I identified is to “Encourage the Heart” (pg. 9). I have worked with leaders who do the opposite; they take the glory and share the pain. The team almost always falls apart. Sometimes being a leader has limited external rewards but personal satisfaction.
As I began this class I switched into refining and reflection mode. I want to be able to refine some of my own raw leadership skills into something more cohesive and inspiring. And yet, I want to be able to reflect on how I have lead in the past and how I will lead going forward. The leadership self-assessment has helped me get a pulse on where I am, where I should be and what I need to do to get there. I learned that I may have the personality of a leader but there are some crucial processes I need to learn if I am going to be a consistently good leader. I work for a company that puts an emphasis on strength building. The approach that they follow is Strength Finders. I recently took a self-assessment called, Gallup’s Strength Finders Profile. My managers use the results of my

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