Leaders for Social and Political Change

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Leaders for social and political change Michelle Clark WGU Themes in U.S. and World History GKE August 1, 2013 Leaders for social and political change Over the course of history, there have been many battle stories, both political and social of how nations have become what we know today. Among these stories are those of social injustices, hatred, and racism, as well as personal and political struggles. From the many injustices our predecessors have overcome, leaders have emerged. Individuals who will forever be revered by millions and will hopefully continue to inspire our youth. Nelson Mandela and Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. are two leaders that have greatly impacted not only their country, but the world. Both of these…show more content…
Like Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr. also had a vision of racial equality. He was a Baptist minister that led the non-violent American Civil Rights Movement from December 1955, until April 4, 1968. At the time of the civil rights movement segregation was prevalent in the southern United States. Blacks and whites were valued differently and considered a different class from one another. They did not share the same rights, and black Americans were treated unfairly. The most significant political change that occurred as a result of the actions of Dr. Martin Luther king Jr. was the legislature that passed the American Civil Rights Act in 1965. It was through this act that racial discrimination was eliminated, and made illegal. Finally black American people were afforded the same rights as white Americans. The right to education, public transportation and non-discrimination in the workplace was a reality, all because Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would not give up, and persevered until the American Civil Rights Act was passed. This legislature allowed for the most significant social change of all, the end of segregation, which is directly the result of the actions of Martin Luther King Jr. In Dr. King’s own words, “The American racial revolution has been a revolution to “get in” rather than to overthrow. We want to share in the American economy, the housing market, the educational system and the social opportunities” (King Jr., 1966, p. 3). His dream is a reality
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