Leadership And How One Can Become A Leader

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What is Leadership and How One Can Become a Leader How hard would it be to try to get a point across without saying one word? Back in the day people would communicate not by language but by Symbols, some of these were Cave paintings, Petroglyphs, Pictograms, Ideograms, Writing, and the Alphabet (Origins of Language). As the world went evolving we came up with a new form to communicate effectively. That is called Speech which evolves using words and combining letters to understand each other. As we went evolving to understand and comprehend the language correctly we have had several great leaders not all are a right or wrong way of using their powers to lead but they leaded and succeeded with what they wanted. Some that leaded big groups of …show more content…

Examine the world’s greatest leaders and you’ll find them all to be exceptional (Secrets of great leaders). Being a leader is important because without leaders we would all be followers (Evolution of Leaders). We need leaders in the world, without them we would all be stuck in the Stone Age because no one would have the courage to step up and try to better the community. Being a leader is important so that you can direct your people in the right direction. The right direction would be leading them to succeed and leading them to do their lifetime goals in a shorter time. We need a leader because we need everyone to inspire, challenge, motivate and give a vision for all of us. Good leaders always put more effort than the organization expects from them. They do activities that majority of the people won 't. Where most people would quit, they stay there. All these things make them a good leader. Even though some people might think that being a leader isn’t the way to go but collaborate in a group to best what you are doing. Some Teachers leading school improvement work were reluctant to see themselves as leaders, and rarely referred to themselves or others as ‘leaders’ (Teacher). Although some people might think this way, does not necessary mean that they are wrong. All that basically means that they seem to look at leadership thru a different perspective

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