How to Become a Great Leader

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Article Review: Are you a Good boss or a great one?
By Linda A. Hill and Kent Lineback
Submitted by Dominic Jenks Leadership & Management Development, Module 2 – 17th September 2012

In summary Hill and Lineback outlined in this article why the majority of managers will remain as a good boss. Hill and Lineback explained their views / ideas on how they believe a manager can become a great boss using the 3 main imperatives on becoming a great boss; manage yourself, manage your network and manage your team. The research highlighted below suggests most companies have managers which would fall into different levels of competencies. I would contend with this article and agree with the points outlined. Capabilities of an
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It is important to empathise with subordinates and to interact with them on social aspects but then also be able to exert authority when required without the heavy hand approach. Trust has two components: belief in your competence and belief in your character.

Manage Your Network During the process of trying to become a great boss it is essential to be able to communicate and work within networks. These networks could include subordinates, peers and supervisors. As per the article it is important to solicit opinions / suggestions etc from networks before launching into a new project. A network can be deemed very political and it is important to understand how these changes would affect other members of any group. To achieve this I believe regular communication within this sector is vital.

Manage Your Team I would believe the Team has to be the most important factor of the three imperatives, because without a committed, energised and focused team you are going to fail. It is clearly understood that Teams need to have a clear goals and objectives. This can be cascaded individually and collectively. As per my personal goals towards the Accounts Receivable Team I would meet each team member individually and as a group but always with the same goal in mind. I

am presently adopting a Balance Score Card within the Accounts Receivable Team to monitor current
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