Leadership And Being A Leader

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When it comes to leadership and being a leader I feel that a strong leader whom is inspiring is one with a strong emotional intelligence. A leader who demands attention with strong emotion isn’t looked upon as a strong leader since they have intense drastic changes in mood which fear followers and make people drift away. I feel that this is just a competencies that many overcome and turn into strong leaders whom have made a big impact. A leader with a strong emotional effectiveness often ends up on top since they are more capable of solving drastic complex problems and are able to adapt to situations changing faster than someone without emotional intelligence effecting them. To see a leader have a personal behavior competencies such as emotional intelligence strike and come out on top when many feel a leader with emotion wouldn’t be as strong is boundless since it shows that strong leaders do have emotions and also do face personal issues which make them relatable and in my opinion, more relatable/likeable since they can come to a level of personal experience when dealing with employees or peers.

Personal Definition of Leadership
In my opinion, Leadership is someone who takes action, is influential, motivational, and has success and partakes in equal responsibility in a group or organization. This means that as a leader they guide and motivate team members in a positive uplifting way but if they make mistakes they positively guide them in the correct direction. One
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