Leadership As A Effective Leader

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Today, more than ever, organizations are global, extremely technology driven, diverse, and are continually changing which means leaders must adapt to keep up with them. For example, technology has advanced to the point where telecommuting is more commonplace. Additionally, organizations and employees are more diverse both domestically and worldwide. These changes are forcing leaders to become more adaptable in their leadership abilities.
Organizations are continually looking for effective leaders which are not easy to find. There are plenty of people to fill leadership positions, however they do not all possess the willingness to assume significant leadership roles and effectively get the job done. To be an effective leader it is important for them to be able to adapt to a given situation. As a result situational leadership has become increasingly popular among leaders. Understanding the environment or situation and utilizing the leadership style which best fits the environment or situation is important to the employees or team members.
There are several leadership types which fit into the situational leadership model, however three of them will be discussed in this paper. They are; Tannenbum-Schmidt Continuum of Leader Behavior; Fiedler’s Contingency Model; Hersey-Blanchard Tridimensional Leader Effectiveness Model. These models focus on leader behavior, favorable situations for leaders, expectancy of people, personal attributes or characteristics of a leader, task
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