Leadership Barriers And Organizational Disconnections Related On The Marketing Of Potentially Unsafe Medical Devices

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The literature search strategy focused on leadership barriers and organizational disconnections related to the marketing of potentially unsafe medical devices. Many qualitative studies were found in the NCU ProQuest, EBSCOhost databases, and Dissertation resources on organizational barriers and disconnection. The starting point of the literature review is the theory of quality management and the subsequent emergence of quality-related standards and regulations. Information sources for the proposed study included books on quality management theory obtained from the EBSCOHost database and peer-reviewed articles from the ProQuest database.
Also, the literature search included research articles, private and government websites, and
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The ProQuest keyword advance search for the key words was narrowed by requesting full text, peer reviewed and scholarly journal articles in the last three years. Furthermore, the search phrases included variations of the key problem statement words disconnection, misalignment and process management. The articles returned and chosen were those that included information about leadership process disconnections, misalignment, and disconnected processes related to quality and medical devices
The purpose of this qualitative, multiple-case study is to investigate leadership barriers and organizational process disconnections that have led to the marketing of potentially unsafe medical devices. Many qualitative studies (e.g., Iden, 2012, Oakland, 2011, Obeidat et al., 2014, Pater, 2013, Raeesi et, al., 2013, Rising et al. 2012, Seethamraju, 2012, Suckley et al., 2013; Storbacka, 2012, Talib et al., 2011; Tucker et al., 2013) have been conducted on organizational barriers and disconnection. However, no studies were located related to the marketing of potentially unsafe medical devices. In the proposed study, factors that influence or hinder the manufacture of safe and effective medical devices will be identified and explored.
Medical devices are used to mitigate health issues and to maintain an acceptable quality of life (Harrison et al. 2013). Because medical devices are expected to perform without failure,
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