Leadership Communication Training For Under Armour Leaders And Managers

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Leadership Communication Training for Under Armour Leaders and Managers Introduction This brief training will be addressing Under Armour, the company I am currently employed for. Under Armour is an upcoming athletic wear company that is rising to the top and quickly becoming a competitive brand in the athletic industry. Working with this company for over a year, I feel my store, as well as the other stores in Arizona, could greatly utilize training on leadership communication. I chose a PowerPoint format as my presentation form, as I felt it provided a great platform to provide the training for all of the store managers across Arizona. A PowerPoint offers great flexibility when it comes to being able to allow trainees to ask questions as we go, which I prefer. Additionally, I would also ask for actual on-the-job examples from the trainees that relate to the training topics. The purpose of this training is to promote leadership, encourage employee growth, and to achieve goals by focusing on our leaders and investing in our people. Essentially, this training presentation will cover four main topics; developing leadership skills, creating a vision, addressing ethics, and overcoming obstacles. Discussion Before we can become great leaders, we must first understand that we have the ability to develop leadership skills. While leadership traits rather than skills have been the emphasis of research for more than 100 years, in the past 10 years a shift has occurred, and leadership
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