Leadership Characteristics And Weaknesses Of Leadership

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A society with an absence of leadership is one that exhibits disarray and pandemonium. Leadership, therefore, is a vital facet of human life and can be seen as a building block from which great nations were built upon or large corporations have thrived under. I believe leadership is intrinsically in all human beings, however some leadership traits in people are far more superior than others. This paper will evaluate results from multiple assessments that identify my particular leadership potential. Using Northouse’s text, this paper will also identify my particular strengths and weakness within leadership. The penultimate paragraph of this paper will consider how my evaluated leadership style interacts within my work environment.
The first survey labeled the IPIP-NEO Narrative Report aims to estimate an individual’s level on each of the five broad personality traits within the “Five-Factor Model”. The first trait tested was the level of Extraversion which can be defined by an individual’s noticeable and active engagement with the external world (Narrative Report 1). According to the results, my score on extraversion was deemed average showing that I neither am subdued by the outside world, however, I am not an energetic talker. Friendliness, assertiveness and cheerfulness, are all dominant characteristics that go along with extraversion and according to the assessment I am identified as neutral to high in these adjectives. According to Northouse, he proclaims through
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