W L Gore: Analysis of Leadership Method

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It’s hard to talk about management innovation without tipping your hat to W.L. Gore, the venerable maker of Gore-Tex and a host of other pioneering materials and products as diverse as synthetic vascular grafts, Elixir guitar strings, and Glide dental floss. Lauded as "the world's most innovative company" time and time again, Gore's wholly original (and endlessly inspirational) model for creating a true democracy of innovation is firmly rooted in the story of founder Bill Gore. More than half a century ago, in 1958, Bill Gore quit DuPont to start a business aimed at imagining and commercializing new uses for polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)—the material popularized as Gore-Tex. But he wasn't simply interested in inventing new
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“Leadership is more ability than job. Moreover, it is all about determination, ability to solve problems, set direction for followers, gather them for common purpose and motivating people to achieve tasks. Furthermore, it is a charisma and the ability to reacting at the right time for a particular competitive situation” (L.Mullins, 2010, P372).
Management is active, not theoretical. It is about changing behaviour and making things happen. It is about developing people, working with them, effort to achieve objective and goals.”(L.Mullins, 2010. P, 425) 1.1 Leadership and management styles is used by W L Gore:
The democratic style of the leadership where power is shared among sub ordinates. In this style everyone have right to share their views and opinions. Democratic organisation where the leadership fornications are shared with the member of groups and mostly the manger is the part of team. The group members have right of participation in decision-making, determination of policy, implementation of system and procedure. In such system power, influence and responsibilities are shared between members and leaders. (L, Mullins, 2010.P, 381)

Laissez-faire is the style of leadership and management where employees are free to do work. In laissez faire style employees have more power, authority and influence in
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