Leadership In The Prince Machiavelli

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Leadership is a common and simple concept but rather very difficult to define due to its complexity. According to Bass, “leadership is an interaction between two or more members of a group that often involves a structuring or restructuring of the situation and the perceptions and expectations of members…Leadership occurs when one group member modifies the motivation or competencies of others in the group. Any member of the group can exhibit some amount of leadership…” (1990: 19-20). In order to become a leader, one needs to acquire certain qualities. Through political realism, Machiavelli explores great men in power and magnifies the qualities of them. The book “The Prince” by Machiavelli serves as a handbook of extended guidelines on how to acquire and maintain political power. Machiavelli specifies the ways a leader should act and what qualities he must possess to become a wise and effective leader. In the Western tradition, many popular books were written about leaders, depicted as role models, who portrayed the highest standards of virtues through honesty, generosity, trustworthiness, merciful and so on. Machiavelli’s instrumental and consequentialist view of morality challenges traditional conceptions of morality in the Western tradition. Machiavelli states that the “…writers [of those books] conceived of republics and princedoms which have never in fact been seen or known to exist.” (256) Machiavelli refers to the traditional conceptions of a prince as unrealistic. He

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