Leadership Is the Most Important Factor in Managing Change”. Analytically Assess This Statement.

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In this assignment, leadership will be defined and analysed, then explore different approaches and traits to leadership and its importance in the context of Social housing specifically referencing Cardiff community Housing Associations as case study and then summarise with conclusion. Leadership is one of the most important criteria in Social housing. It is the process of interaction between the leadership, Stakeholders, staff, our tenants and wider communities, Influencing, Inspiring and motivating them toward the Vision, Values and outcomes. Having researched and looked at the many definition of Leadership, it was very difficult to choose one. As stated by Fitton “Leadership is a timeless subject: it has been described, discussed,…show more content…
Classical organisational theorist defined leadership in terms of achieving a group’s objectives R.C Davies (1942) referred to leadership as “the principle dynamic forces that motivates and coordinates the organisation in the accomplishment of its objectives.” Similarly, Urwick (1953) stated that the leader is “the personification of common purpose not only to all who work under taking, but to everyone outside it.” K. Davies (1962) defined leadership as “the human factor which binds a group together and motivates it towards goals.” Cattell (1951) took the extreme position that leadership is whatever or whoever contributes to the group’s performance. To measure each members Leadership, Cattell noted, removed him or her from the group, one at a time, and observe what happens to the group’s performance. Calder (1977) and Pfeffer (1977) “stated that leadership is mainly influence and is even attributed to participants after the fact. The attribution maybe based on implicit theories of leadership (Rush, Thomas, & Lord, 1977). Implicit theories of leadership are what we expect leaders to

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