Leadership Of A Company Defines Strategy

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When a company defines strategy, its leaders determine the path or roadmap for achieving its goals. According to Collis and Rukstad (2008), the strategy is conveying the essence of carefully designed choices for an operational level efficiency and a competitive game plan. According to SNHU (2015), a company defines its current goals in a mission statement as well as defined in its vision, what it hopes to become. A stated mission of a company is why it exists, and its core values are what the company believes as well how they will behave. The vision is what the company wants to be and the strategy is the game plan to achieve the goals. The strategic leadership motivates everyone within the organization to develop the vision to carry out company objectives and help the organization in achieving those objectives successfully (McManus and Botten, 2006).
Role of leadership in the creation and execution of strategy
A strategy on an individual level is a plan of action directed to achieve the goals. The company leadership through a process establishes and crafts a good strategy which is called strategic management. Further to defining the strategy, individuals or number of people work out a plan and implement the activities associated with the plan. The company deals with the business opportunities and challenges that provide growth and expansions when executing a plan. The leadership of an organization is defined as influencing a group of people or activity that is prepared

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