Leadership Reflection For Senior Leadership

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According to the Introduction to Strategic Studies Course Directive, “This year presents an opportunity to walk in the shoes of senior leaders making difficult and complex decisions before you begin wearing them upon graduation.’’ From the above sentence I can conclude that, this paper could be the beginning of my journey to wear the higher level leaders’ shoes. As I am now starting preparation for a future senior leadership assignment, I have to equip myself with the required knowledge and skills in order to act as senior military leader.
Therefore, Thomas Galvin outlines four mission specific roles and senior military leaders should also take lessons from history, like from ‘’The Gulf War, 1990-1991,’’.
The four roles are, a strategic advisor and communicator, a strategic planner, a strategic theorist, and senior leader at the strategic level. So that this paper will focus mainly on my reflection towards to the first two mission specific roles.
Therefore, my choice from the roles are the strategic advisor and communicator, and the strategic planner because working to exercise these roles would have more benefit to jump for the rest two roles. From the case study, I have selected General Collin Powel and General H. Norman Schwarzkopf roles from the case study. In order to link and reflect my future area that should be strengthen. Their roles and experiences are good examples that are helpful as I prepare myself and work enthusiastically in order to strengthen my senior
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