Leadership Self Evaluation Essay

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I scored a 94 on the “readiness for the leadership” role assessment and I definitely agree with the interpretation of the quiz, which put in the high readiness category. I really enjoy leadership in a whole from leading and developing people or brainstorming and dreaming. Most aspects of leadership really appeal to me. I feel like I have a natural leadership and persuasiveness about me. It is not hard for me to command the attention of a room and most people choose to listen, it is never really a battle. With all that being said, there is always room for improvement, so I will be looking for ways to change my perspective on a few of the scenarios to see if I can get it up to 100%.

I chose scenario two to create and implement visions for.
◦ Vision: To become a dining experience that keeps our guests satisfied and coming back for more.
◦ Goals: To create lifelong relationships with our guest and increase repeat visits.
◦ Objectives: Increase repeat visits by 100% the first month and 20% thereafter.
◦ Tasks: Refresh staff and team on all of our guest service standards.
◦ Timeline: 4 months or 1 quarter
Follow-up and measure: We will do weekly one on ones with our team to check if what they are
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I am not in a leadership position, but being the oldest in my internship, I stepped into a leadership type role as the seasoned intern in the program. Each and everyday I have the opportunity to pour into someone new who doesn’t even know they need any type of leadership. My days are full of short conversations that have a huge impact on my peers. The best way it has been described to me is, “Douglas, you speak truth with only the thought of love behind it.” I want to see everyone around me succeed and achieve the goals they have set for themselves. I also have goals to accomplish, but for this moment in my life, I would choose to be a servant leader rather than focus on how they can help
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