Leadership Style Observed On The Group

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Leadership Style Observed I watched a video clip of a group counseling session in the initial stage of the group process. The leader did an excellent job bringing the group members together and ready for the transitional stage. The leader performed expressive leadership with democratic decision-making. The group leader maintained group cohesion, while being warm, friendly, and promoting the well being of group members. Democratic decision-making encourages and includes all group members to experience teamwork and creativity together (The Democratic Leadership Style.", n.d.).
Creating Safety and Trust Trust is a significant factor in group counseling. If trust is absent, the group can suffer serious damage and become a non-therapeutic group. Trust allows group members to express themselves freely, while being content with personal vulnerability (Corey, Corey, & Corey, 2010). It was evident from the start of the counseling session the leader was focusing on the safety and trust of the group. The group started with the topic of confidentiality. The leader went around the circle and asked group members what they thought of confidentiality. The group members were able to open up and express their feelings towards being videotaped and keeping others thoughts, feelings, and behaviors confidential. Once group members had a chance to express their feelings towards confidentiality, they were glad the rules had been established. The group members agreed, they were all ready to

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