Leadership Style Of The Chief Nursing Officer

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This paper discusses the leadership style of the Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) at HealthSouth Rehabilitation in Toms River, New Jersey. HealthSouth is the nation’s largest inpatient rehabilitation, there are HealthSouth’s in 28 states and one in Puerto Rico. There are inpatient, outpatient, and home health services. The mission statement of HealthSouth involves an advanced degree of rehabilitative care to clients recovering from cerebrovascular accidents, cardiac and pulmonary disorders, spine, and brain injuries and orthopedic disorders (Kosevich, Leinfelder, Sandin, Swift, Taber, Weber, & Finkelstein 2014). A CNO is the highest management positions in nursing. C.S. has been a HealthSouth employee for over thirty six years and then worked her way up the management ladder. The CNO is considered the principal representative for nurses and strives to support the nursing staff with the hospitals morals and a mission statement. They ensure clinical and staffing standards, and patient care. The CNO is responsible for counselling in high-ranking management and establishing benefit programs for the nurses (Zydziunaite, Lepaite, & Suominen, 2013). S.C. has been a member of HealthSouth for many years. She started as a floor nurse with an associates in nursing and moved up the ranking to becoming the Chief Nursing Officer of HealthSouth in Toms River. S.C. now holds a master’s of science in nursing and is a nurse executive board certified. She’s been the CNO for three years. She was
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