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Assignment: Leadership Styles in the School Setting Karen Williams Grand Canyon University: EDL 812 March 2, 2015 Introduction The role of a superintendent is compared to that of an orchestra conductor (Domenech, 2009), and for good reasons; the many hats worn by this one person in the performance and leadership of the school district. He/ She guide an exemplary vision towards a performance goal and serve as a model for leadership, and embody the ambition for the entire organization (Dipaola & Stronge, 2003). Nevertheless, this leadership can present a significant challenge to the process of evaluating a superintendent due to overly subjective and vague judgments. A superintendent…show more content…
Promoting student achievement and preparing students to globally compete by fostering excellence and ensuring equal access is the mission of the Federal role in education. Public school superintendents think the biggest headaches are funding, although federal contributions includes funds not just from the department of education but also from the Department of Health and Human Services, Head Start programs, and the School Lunch program from the Department of Agriculture. Therefore, the Federal role in education is like an emergency response system, a system that fills the gap in state and local support for education when critical national needs occur. With all the fuss over the Federal Government and how much, and from where the funds come from, the superintendent job is to allocate how and where the funds will be used in the district. Research advice Being that Mr. Marks has been superintendent for the past six years, and coming up for re-election, I would remind him of his tremendous responsibility in his previous terms overseeing many schools with a vast, number of students, and how he has avoided the media’s glare which was focused on schools closing and the community and parents scrutinizing his decisions. Balancing intense and often competing pressures is the job of a superintendent. There are harsh financial realities and political minefields to compete with. Therefore you must stand firm in your beliefs, roll up your sleeves and get in the
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