Leadership Styles, Employee Turnover Intentions And Counterproductive Work Behaviors Essay

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Indicators of Negative leadership
Puni, A., Agyemang, C., & Asamoah, E. (2016). Leadership Styles, Employee Turnover Intentions and Counterproductive Work Behaviours. International Journal of Innovative Research and Development, 5(1).
Study of 170 respondents within the eight Ghana Banks of turnover intentions and counterproductive behaviors of leadership roles. Discovered laissez-fare leadership individuals were difficult to distinguish from the regular work employees. These leaders seldom suggest or criticize and only establish interactions about goals and objectives when absolutely necessary. Laissez-fare leaders believe employees are capable of taking care of themselves. The counterproductive behavior begins with turnover rates. Laissez-fare leadership roles are linked to reasons why employees terminate their employment or manifest deviant behaviors. The employees who remain begin to develop jab satisfaction, commitment, and psychological downturns which may become disastrous.

Tsuno, K., & Kawakami, N. (2015). Multifactor leadership styles and new exposure to workplace bullying: a six-month prospective study. Industrial health, 53(2), 139.
Study investigated 404 civil servants of Japan to discover if bullying could be measured or prevalent in the workforce. The results pointed towards Laissez-fare leaders were strong of negative behavior. Moreover, the bullying behavior was more focused on Laissez-fare leadership individuals than other styles. Laissez-fare
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