Statistical Analysis Paper

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Statistical Analysis Paper

Sheri Tuggle

BSHS/435 Research and Statistics in Human Services
April 21, 2014
Staci Lowe

Statistical Analysis Paper
Social workers are interested and concerned with the experiences of people he or she assists or work with, and this makes qualitative research so important. This research method provide social workers with a better understanding of issues and situations. Qualitative research inform social workers about the best way to help people who are in need of assistance. Qualitative research is useful for social workers to obtain knowledge in complex or sensitive situations for example workplace bullying. Many issues in the social working profession fall within the
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The article provide five table illustrations. Table one is about the demographic characteristic of the targets of the workplace bullies. The table displays the characteristics of social workers ranging by age, gender, and demographic. Table two is about organizational settings and roles of targets. The table displayed supervisors, colleagues, subordinates, and clients were all identified as bullies. It showed that women were more than twice as likely (67%) to be identified as bullies as were men (33%). Table three is about the most troubling bullying behaviors. It showed that verbally and covertly hostile actions were the most troubling bullying behaviors in the workplace. In addition, being treated with disrespect and having work de-valued as the hardest aspects of being bullied at the workplace. Table four was the summary characteristics of bullies. The study showed the characteristic were either passive or assertive by the Coping Scale. The passive behavior had a ranging score of 24 and assertive was of 60. The median and mean scores were 42.5, and a multiple modal score. Table five was the classification of responses to coping scale as passive or assertive coded in the same direction. The table explained coping
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