Incivility Of Organizations : Who Is The Blame?

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Incivility in organizations: Who is to blame?
Most of us have experienced some form of bad behavior that was directed at us. We can all relate to young children being bullied in school and on playgrounds as it brings back memories of our own experiences with unsavory characters. Unfortunately, experiences of incivility cannot be relegated to childhood, because as employees many are faced with a work environment that impedes success and job satisfaction, due to inappropriate and uncivil behavior by peers and supervisors.
Although student nurses may complain about incivility in medicine, research shows that it is an issue almost every industry must address (figure 1). Incivility in the workplace, academia, and in clinical practice is an …show more content…

The added burden of incivility hurts retention and graduation rates, not to mention the toll taken on their physical and psychological health (Sprunk 2-4).
In nursing, as in most industries, when looking to blame someone for the existence of incivility, most look upward (figure 3). Managers, supervisors and instructors are often sought out for guidance and for modeling appropriate, team-building behaviors.
It cannot be overlooked that a healthy clinical environment is co-created by all involved in student education, including the student nurse, staff nurse and the nursing instructor. Just as employees tend to model behavior they witness from their leaders, student nurses will look to their preceptors for guidance and for norms of decorum that are acceptable (Clark 21). Incivility experienced by student nurses ranges from anger, rudeness, hostility, name-calling, indifference, dismissiveness, impatience, and blatant unavailability (Anthony 142).
The Joint Commission, which is the organization responsible for accrediting health care organizations, now considers incivility, bullying and workplace violence a sentinel event. A sentinel event is described as an event, or a risk of, an occurrence leading to death, serious physical or psychological injury. They acknowledge that in the healthcare industry, there has been a history of indifference and tolerance of bad behavior. These behaviors cannot be

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