Incivility Of Organizations : Who Is The Blame?

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Incivility in organizations: Who is to blame?
Most of us have experienced some form of bad behavior that was directed at us. We can all relate to young children being bullied in school and on playgrounds as it brings back memories of our own experiences with unsavory characters. Unfortunately, experiences of incivility cannot be relegated to childhood, because as employees many are faced with a work environment that impedes success and job satisfaction, due to inappropriate and uncivil behavior by peers and supervisors.
Although student nurses may complain about incivility in medicine, research shows that it is an issue almost every industry must address (figure 1). Incivility in the workplace, academia, and in clinical practice is an alarming issue that can affect an organization’s bottom line in numerous ways (figure 2). Incivility is seen as any action that interferes with job performance or educational goals. With over 40% of employees reporting workplace incivility, the hostile environment created translates to poor customer service. Related to nurses and nursing students, it also may negatively influence patient outcomes (Harris 16).
In an industry known for compassion and caring, it is troubling that incivility is so pronounced. When nurses and qualified nurse instructors are in short supply, it is important that any uncivil behavior is addressed and remedied, or there is a potential risk of personnel loss. Students that enter into nursing schools already face…

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